We had our last rehearsal yesterday in preparation for Easter Sunday. Come and hear us at St Matthias in the 9:45 service on the 17th. The children are so excited. They sang beautifully this evening. Several are preparing solos and duets! Some will also be awarded their Bronze Level One Certificates during the service! We are so proud of them all.

Children who have been at Malvern Link Youth Choir for over a term have completed their bronze level one certificates. This means that they can accurately pitch intervals from a pentatonic scale, from hand signs or from the notes on a stave. They can also read simple rhythmic patterns. Their understanding of how the beat relates to the time signature and is divided into bars of music is developing. They understand terminology relating to volume. Most importantly, all have developed the confidence to sing out and to have a go. I always say to all of my students ‘Strong and wrong is completely fine’. These youngsters managed ‘strong and right’! 

It will be the Youth Choir’s first full service at the Church. It will be quite an experience for them as they will take part in the procession, sing with the adult choir, and sing two songs of their own appropriate to the Easter theme. 

Look out for further concerts and events involving this enthusiastic group of children. They are amazing.